The Power to Change

With mistakes and miss-steps being an inevitable part of the human experience, our power exists in the ability to take corrective measures. Change is the only constant that life deals us. Nature personifies this by a steady flow of new beginnings from season to season. If change is the cornerstone of the purest thing we can see, nature, then it must be imbedded into the fabric of who we are. In every human being, there exists more than the ability to change; their lies an essence of change.

One of the greatest factors causing people to resist change is simply denial. When we encounter an unfavorable outcome, the greatest thing we can do is to understand that we are fallible human beings, and that it’s more than plausible to believe that we had something to do with creating this outcome. The blame game should submit to the mirror, as you choose not to deflect blame in life, rather taking an introspective look at the truth of what you contributed to unfavorable outcomes you have experienced.

A clear picture of this is when I see couples end their relationship. A tendency is to protect yourself emotionally, by not acknowledging any contributions you made to the failed union. This allows you to move forward with a clear conscience, as you concoct a story in your mind that allows you to stare away from any realities that are staring at you. The glaring issue in this is that you remain the same person, and deny yourself the opportunity to become a better individual, through simply owning and accepting whatever your contribution was. Having done this, chances are, when a person enters a new relationship, they will be more conscious to not make the same offerings that facilitated their previous failed union. Through a simple act of choice, this person chose to grow.

If something that you were involved to comes to an end, you were figuratively “in a relationship” with it. Staring at realities that stare at you, when things come to an end in life, sets the table for incredible change and personal growth. Looking away from the reality of whatever contributions you made to any failed situation is the prefect bridge into denial and stagnation of growth.

When you look directly at your wrongs in life, you find your power to change, as the necessary adaptations in behavior become apparent in continuing to not make the same mistakes. If you live life as if you don’t make mistakes, you will continue to make the same ones. Individuals, who grow and evolve progressively as people, have a tendency to own their wrongs in life, resisting the self-serving route of placing them on others.

There comes a point in life where we must all grow up. We must all accept and admit our wrongs in different areas of life, to create an awareness of how to change these into rights.

Exercising your power to change is nothing more than taking ownership of your missteps, while taking corrective measures to not repeat them. Embrace your power to change.

Matthew C. Horne, Motivational Speaker and Author, is the president of Optimum Success International; a self-development and book publishing company located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. He is the author of five books, of which his two latest are, “Choices: The Young Black Man’s Guide to Successful Living” and “How To Get Beautiful Women …and Everything Else You Want From Life!” His message of Creating Your Life, Your Way is spanning the globe through his books, speeches and other mediums of communication. Matthew C. Horne is the world’s premier motivational speaker. To learn more about Matthew C. Horne, please visit


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